HR and Payroll Management Solution

The HR & Payroll etask Solution is a state of the art, user friendly solution designed to assist companies gain control and manage their day to day Human Resource and Payroll requirements.

We provide a single seamless integrated solution catered to any small to large sized company. We understand that no company is the same and with that in mind we designed the module to allow enough flexibility to our clients to setup and utilize the module as per their own unique company policies and procedures.

We know that sometimes these systems can be very costly so we ensured that we not only provided a cost effective solution but also one that was easily customizable and would allow 3rd party add-ons such as bio-metric devices and Time & Attendance Systems to easily integrate with our etask HR & Payroll Solution.  

Our etask Solution covers all aspects of Human Capital Management from Recruitment, New Hire Training, Appraisal, and Employee Performance & Disciplinary Process Management.

Features of eTask HR & Payroll Solution

  • Web Enabled System with Multi Level Approval Systems.
  • Compliance with GCC / Local Labor Laws, rules and regulations like Gosi, Indemnity etc.
  • Robust Leave Management System
  • Extensive Employee Management Reports
  • In built Report Scheduling Facility
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Employee Self Service Records
  • Employee Loan Management
  • Disciplinary Process Management
  • Training Management, Performance Management & Appraisal Review
  • Employee Leave Tracking, Bonuses, Incentive & Final Settlement
  • Generate Payroll with Employee Master and Employee Detail.

See HR & Payroll Solution in action.