Retail Management Solution

Technobay offers a very high end and well thought out POS. In today’s highly challenging and impatient world many clients turn to Technobay’s etask Retail -POS to help them manage their stores.

We offer our clients a one stop solution for Retail Management.  The system is able to handle fast paced transactions which are ideal for any supermarket or retail shop. One very key unique feature is that etask provides an enhanced payment processing option by offering multiple payment methods for your client’s convenience.

Etask Retail POS offers a number of tools for retailers to fine-tune their businesses. It has been designed as simple as a cash register. It allows you to maintain absolute control over sales and inventory while presenting an easy customer checkout. It is a great solution for both sales and counter.

Features of eTask Retail Management Solution

  • Facilitate Sale of Materials / Accessories
  • Design your own Barcode & Print
  • Seamless Integration with Purchase Order, Inventory & Finance Modules
  • Cash / Credit Options
  • Offers an Option for Insurance Sales
  • Employee Shift Management and Rush Hours Management
  • Customer Discount Management

See Retail Management Solution in action.