Travel Management Software Solution

Unlike the abundant travel apps available in the industry, this one is our epic software that comes with a lot of features that a conventional travel app does not. We actually streamline travel management, from planning and approval to expense reporting and reimbursement.

The etask Travel Management Software Solution from Technobay is a one stop formula to standardize corporate travel processes so our clients can see better efficiency and significant cost and time savings.

Our clients acclaim the realization of savings by setting better travel policies and increasing compliance without compromising raise productivity by reducing administrative tasks and extending travel functions to mobile devices and computers.

The company also takes responsibility of customizing your travel software within requirements like financial planning and itinerary. The best ever computer program designed to oversee, regulate, and coordinate the travel activities and expenses of a company's employees. Effective software can conduct many of the tasks traditionally done by human travel managers.

Features of eTask Travel Management Solution

  • Automatic data downloading from GDS
  • Tour packages
  • Exchange order
  • Batch Process Management (Invoice, Refund, Exchange & Tracking)
  • Master Entry
  • Refund request
  • Dummy invoice
  • Easy Sales closing
  • BSP report reconciliation
  • Quick Enquiry.

See Travel Management Solution in action.