Warehouse Management Software Solution

eTask Warehouse Management Solution is a unique solution meant for high profile warehouse management.Our users range from distribution warehouses providing storage, handling and other services to fulfillment warehouses responsible for a high volume of small orders. Products handled encompass a very broad range of items. From items handled by the pallet or bin, to rolls of paper and metal, to bundles of timber, to uncrated items such as ingots, furniture and machinery, to bulk items held in railcars or special facilities, to hazardous items. From items stored under cover on racks, floor stacked or in bins to various types of outside storage

The services provided by our users cover the straightforward receiving, shipping and storage services to more complex services, such as repack, cross dock, labeling, wrapping, freezing, repairs, freight forwarding, delivery, customs, special documentation, cycle counts, and change of ownership while in storage. Since these services must be billed, charges are attached to these services in a very flexible manner and billed based on the customer. The charges can be based on the item or the transaction. Storage charges can be billed ahead or behind, can include split periods in the first or last month, can include free days or a grace period, can be based on the on-hand quantity or the average daily balance, can be as of a fixed date or an anniversary date, and can be based on units, weight, pallets, volume, value, and so on, as needed.

The important modules in the Software include:

  • Indocket Management.
  • Outdocket Management.
  • Invoicing/Billing.
  • Occupancy Charts.
  • Accounting.

Features of eTask Warehouse Management Solution

  • Unique solution meant for high profile warehouse management.
  • Integrated end to end application with inbuilt warehouse, accounts and reports module.
  • Supports various warehouse types under one company.
  • Inbuilt classical and graphical reports are available.
  • Location tracking and Re-stocking.
  • Integrated reports module which can be customizable.

See Warehouse Management Solution in action.